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Crossroads Session ONe:

Writing the Body & the tarot

four Monday Evenings, April 27-May 18, 2015, 6:30-8:30pm


Wilmington, DE  

Cost: $80


"Hecate is Goddess of the Crossroads...

All those who embarked on a journey or a venture, war, adventure, harvest -

anything, always made offerings to Hecate,

for it was upon the crossroads that you would meet her. "

~Sibylline Order~

In mythology, Hecate is also the conjurer of the dark moon, the seer of past, present, and future, and the goddess of the underworld with ties to fertility and women's bodies. She is at the intersection of life and death, and stands for all who seek to journey--whether through a dark night or a blank page--anyone who is at a crossroads. All winter long, I was torn between whether I wanted to immerse myself in the beauty of the process of my Writing the Body series and the gravitational pull towards my Writing the Tarot course, which has also yielded powerful writing from my participants.

I realized that my passions were at a crossroads. Since I could not choose, my choice was made: I would not teach one or the other, but both

Crossroads Session One will combine my Writing the Body process I've been teaching for several years--with all new prompts and content--alongside my Writing the Tarot course, started last year. The journey we will take will span from body to soul, including topics related to: memory, body image and identity, standards of beauty, self-expression and silence, nurturing, sexuality, gender dynamics, love, all as part of the Writing the Body process and it will also be accompanied by writing-related prompts for specific tarot cards, dynamic discussion of  tarot resources, and weekly readings for participants according to my previous Writing the Tarot course. It is designed for any woman with a story to tell or with a curiosity about tarot, writers & "non-writers" alike. All are welcome.  

Meet me at the Crossroads--where body and mystery meet. I cannot wait to write with you.

To register: reach out to me via my CONTACT page or join event HERE.