Writing the Tarot

For nearly twenty  years, I have worked with the tarot as a way of studying the subconscious, myth, and mystery.  Whether or not one "believes in" the tarot as a divination tool, it is rich in history, symbolism, and narrative.

I am now offering monthly group workshops in a private home in Northern Delaware to explore the tarot through lively writing prompts, personal readings, and a discussion of archetypes, magic, creativity, and intuition.


  • All sessions include extended periods of writing, so bring a fast pen, your favorite notebook, and an open mind.

  • Each participant will receive one tarot reading and an overview per meeting as part of group process.

  • Classes are pay/attend as you go, with a simple RSVP needed to reserve your spot.


Introductory Cost: $30 per session: which includes card reading, writing prompts, group discussion and resources.


Next Workshop: To Be Announced

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